Urijah Faber Founder, Team Alpha Male

Under the leadership of Urijah Faber, Team Alpha Male has become the top fight team, a title awarded at both the 2013 and 2014 World MMA Awards. Based out of Sacramento, California our current roster consists of over 30 professional fighters of different backgrounds, genders, races, and nationalities, fighting for more than ten MMA organizations. TAM has had a tradition of winning and has produced past and present UFC, WEC, and WSOF Champions!

With our Train with TAM program, you have the unique opportunity to train alongside our pro team.  Are you a beginner looking to learn how the best train, while sweating off a few pounds? A martial arts student wanting to broaden your knowledge base? A seasoned fight vet who wants hands-on training with guys similar to those you’ll meet in the ring? Whatever your reason, Train with TAM can help you achieve your goals. Your exact schedule will be up to you and we will help you to tailor-make your stay with us educational, as well as memorable. We provide very reasonable package deals that include lodging in one of our team houses and ground transportation to all of your training, as well as a few planned excursions during your stay. Book your trip today and let us show you how rewarding training with TAM can truly be!

Learn About Our Training and Coaches


Our intensive MMA program was forged from the combined training methods of our warriors who have poured their heart and soul into the sport of MMA. Our MMA training program is headed by Justin Buchholz, who adds over a decade of personal MMA fighting as well as cornering hundreds of fighters under the Team Alpha Male banner. The unique curriculum of TAM’s MMA program will challenge even the most seasoned vet and everyone will certainly take home knowledge they can put to use in their continued training.


The vast majority of Team Alpha Male’s fighters grew up wrestling. Our claim to fame has always been a predominant wrestling base. With recently retired UFC fighter Danny Castillo at the helm, our wrestling classes stay consistently full. His commitment of honing the modern wrestling coach position is on display daily and our fighters are reaping the rewards. The amount of knowledge in the room at any given time will have you learning from hundreds of years of combined wrestling experience. If you want our most physically grueling class, this is it.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

The transition from Jiu-Jitsu to MMA is often challenging. Fortunately, we have 3 masters who have all done so successfully. Chris Holdsworth, our head professional coach, had an undefeated MMA career and first broke into the UFC by winning The Ultimate Fighter reality series. Sidelined by injury, Chris has shifted his focus to coaching. Chris holds a black belt under Marc Laimon and has been competing in BJJ since he was a child. He has the knowledge to help you grow your standard BJJ base, but can also provide a wealth of information to help you grow your BJJ as it relates to MMA. Our two assistant coaches are Fabio Prado, a 3rd degree black belt under Carlson Gracie; and Dustin Akbari, a 2nd degree black belt under Cassio Werneck.


The devil is in the details. Our sweet science coach, Joey Rodriguez, prides himself on providing highly technical analyses of our fighters, even with the most basic movements. Stamina is fundamental with Joey’s classes as they simulate real boxing round and break times. Challenging but rewarding, this is the reason Joey’s class is one of our most popular with both our professional fighters and gym members.

Muay Thai

Thonglor Armatsena (Master Thong) heads our unique Muay Thai program. Based on Master Thong’s extensive career in Thailand and coupled perfectly with MMA fundamentals, our Muay Thai program will take your striking to a new level. Our Muay Thai classes are fast paced and high intensity. You’ll leave with your body drenched in sweat and your mind filled with knowledge from Master Thong’s 30 year career as a professional fighter.


MMA fighters are well rounded athletes. The fitness program within the Train with TAM program is a mix of functional movements, weighted resistance, and high intensity cardio programs. Endurance is a key factor required for fight duration as well as for high volume short bursts. Our fitness staff offers group and individual programs to help you increase your endurance and productivity, while also burning calories and having fun. We also have an in-house nutritionist who can pair your workouts with a meal plan to ensure your caloric intake and output are working symbiotically.


Our TAM practices include amateurs and pros alike.  If a UFC fighter is training they will be in the class.  We can’t guarantee that all our UFC fighters will be at every practice but generally, if they are in town they are at practice.  *To train directly with our pros, we will need to briefly assess your martial arts training history.

Yes, we have amateurs as well as pros practicing on a daily basis.  Depending on your skill set, the coaches may direct you to observe some drills.

We recommend to bring any equipment that you use at your gym on a daily basis.  Here is a list of equipment used at our gym:

  • Headgear
  • Mouthpiece
  • Shinguards
  • Cup
  • Gloves (4oz and 16oz)
  • Gi (if planning on taking BJJ classes)


A rental car is not required. Transportation includes pickup and dropoff from the Sacramento airport, as well as daily transportation to the gym and to the grocery store. We also provide transportation to all organized events and trips during your stay as well.


No, we will provide transportation to the grocery store or you can purchase pre-made meals from local vendors. They generally run about $5 per meal.

We recommend flying to Sacramento, airport code is SMF, and we pick you up. San Francisco (SFO) and Reno (RNO) may have cheaper flights but If you fly into another airport you are responsible for transportation to Sacramento.


Link schedule to TAM and gym classes

All houses have a kitchen, bathroom and laundry room for the fighters.

TAM is always looking for talented fighters with great personalities.  If you feel like after your training you’d like to become a permanent member of the team, our management would be happy to discuss permanent stay options.

We do not set up fights for visiting fighters but could steer you in the right direction or give you some local options for your skillset.


6700 Folsom Blvd
Sacramento, Ca. 95819

We can help you set up individual training with our professional coaches and fighters at an additional cost.

Training Packages